The new accordion of Klaus Paier

After many years of international stage experience, I have now created my own accordion, especially for myself. But of course, interested accordionists can also purchase it. My idea was to design a very light and compact piano-accordion with excellent sound and single tone options for the left hand. There are so many fantastic accordions out there, but unfortunately I could not find one that would combine all of these components. I therefore researched and experimented for many years to come up with my own plans.

A solid anatomical design, good sound and mechanics as well as low weight form the best conditions for more freedom in playing. It was not necessary to reinvent the whole instrument, but rather to bring together the best features, all of which are now combined in the new accordion “Edition”.

All parts, from keyboard, register plates to the smallest aluminum profiles, had to be rebuilt from scratch and adapted. Most of them were made in Austria, some special components in Italy, but all exactly according to my design plans and ideas. It is interesting also that most parts were made by “one hand”, which in our modern industrialized time is often unusual and unique. All companies have put in their best work into what has certainly been a new and compelling challenge for everyone involved!

. 41 keys | 4 reeds | cassotto | 11 registers
. 96 bass | 4 reeds | Standardbass & Freebass quintsystem with special light mechanics | 4 registers
. A mano reeds - professional reeds with great value in terms of quality and craftsmanship
. Best material combined with tonewood from Mittenwald/Germany
. A very compact and lightweight accordion (less than 10kg)

Special thanks to all companies
. Fellner (Austria/St. Stefan) has done all the woodwork and mechanics installations
. Lichtenegger (Austria/St. Stefan) made most of the special aluminum parts including register programming
. Stückler (Austria/Reichenfels) has done all the CNC work

Order and test: coming soon